Love ... Loss ... Missing You 

Desert Noon

Passion & Pain

the sixties seep into my bones
gurgling crude from a virgin well
black sludge staining tides and minds
time can’t disperse
the shuttle to DC
where we ended a life
i made my confession long ago
still can’t pull the grief from my soul

Poetry Collection

desert coiled around me
light on my feet – movement came swiftly
champagne locks heavy, crossing my brow
shuttered an eye crystal green
with the other i squinted
denying an urge to flee home
where comfort warmed my pampered skin
not a sun brazen / relentless and sordid
as this place surrounding life without reason
thirsting i mouthed currents of air
swatting grains of sand glazing my face
raised a hand as a visor
mindless response
gazing sunward
from nowhere you seemed to glide
taunting endless space
tall / gilded and bold
with brandy eyes pouring smoothly
caught beneath searing skies – and one another
a prince and a drifter
distance between us mere
as a pivot
forcing me to the brink
barely did i raise my stare bearing down at my soles
embedded in blistering earth pale as my lips / till
my ears grasped the chords of my mind –
felt the beat of my heart
something in the distance affirming
a faltering phrase lost in silence
closing the gap
there you stood
nearby, one man older / a woman veiled
olive-skinned / brooding
however, not as near as i who could simply reach out
swirl my fingers through charcoal madness
tufts of arrogant curls captured by linen
your jubbah swayed to a halt
briefly disturbed by a breeze
or was it my sigh?
eyes colliding / speechless
swallowed by pulse of rising heat
a knowing flashed between us in the glint of a grin
and then you were gone
fading back into that thoughtless cloud
three days sped before you sent for me
to my thrilling surprise
through the glare of a brilliant sun
that hammered a slice of my window shade
blinking sand from the corners of restless eyes
i knew you would never be there
in my country you’d be that heart-stopping stranger
cloaked by Armani
not caring for blonds
coarse hair bound - shading the nape of your neck
tossing a tepid glance over one shoulder
vanishing into granite, privacy glass - and steel


i will only love you
until one by one
each star slips from an aching sky
trailing ash across a
fading horizon

when towers crawl without shame
floods hungrily consume
desperate mountains
grinding peaks to wasteland
your name shall be the wind

when rainwashed deserts surge
devouring grieving forests
while time seeks revenge
clocks failing to rewind

I will wreak havoc upon dusk
no longer a midnight mistress
as my sheets resolve to embers
and your face I forget
only then will i comprehend
your dying smile

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I think we should move to another galaxy
perhaps settle on a planet like Mars
where little green men are powerful
hold sterile wands in alien hands
and cure you with one wave
You would stand on a
glistening mountain peak
where your chest would expand
and your voice would fill the universe

I walk on the ledge of a skyscraper
windows are sealed
no door in sight
They claim memories are stored inside
I have this distressing case of amnesia
No wonder!
Now they say stress will cause this
But I think it's something dreadful
Ah ha ... now I realize
You are locked inside this building
and I am stuck perched near the roof
unable to pull you into my arms
I'm not suffering amnesia
I am helpless

Your moans are mournful
or is it the wind
resting her limbs on the sash
sighing to alert me
reality will soon break down the door  
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About Victoria
I write poetry and children's storybooks as Victoria Valentine, steamy romance, horror and thrillers as January Valentine. My desire to be part of a rock band brought me into a recording studio, where my lyrics sprang to life with the help of a local alternative rock band. Together, we produced a music CD.​​

I enjoy designing books and indie publishing. In my free time, I hike and swim. I love all kinds of music. Watching horror flicks and Tyler Perry movies are my escape from reality. I'm an SOA and Walking Dead freak who would love to be a real life vampire.

I have an addiction to engraved pens, flashlights, tote bags, and a variety of cool stuff I buy to accompany each of my books. My office is filled with paperbacks and swag dedicated to my five novels which can be found on my Amazon author page and on my websites: Wheel Wolf, Fighting For You, Beautiful Experiment, Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Killer, Love Dreams. I have three novels in the works. Some day I hope to complete them. Years ago, I released a romance poetry collection: Desert Noon as Victoria Valentine & in 2014 another poetry collection: Our Little Black Book of Ills.

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